Who’s Dr. Andy?

Dr. Andy Rose retired after 42 years in public education. His career began as a grade five teacher in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. In the 1970’s, the neighborhood was impoverished and his student body was predominantly Hispanic and African American with many families coming from Puerto Rico. Other children were from the Dominican 4 - 1 - Young Andy as a Community Organizer copyRepublic, China, and Eastern Europe. One special project involved organizing a “Community Clean-up” on Henry St. ->

After 13 years, Andy became principal of the Norwood Public School in Bergen County, New Jersey. Four years later, he was promoted to Chief School Administrator in which position he remained for the next 25 years! He retired in 2009.

Given freedom from daily work, he discovered the joy of writing fiction and published a debut n3 - Lily's Payback - Book Cover copyovel, “Lily’s Payback.” His writing focuses on teachers and their schools – write what one knows!  Just imagine four schoolteachers, NOT James Bond, in a spicy thriller. Check out the book trailer: http://goo.gl/ifqH70 

The book has won two awards:                   

1. The LondoLondon Bk Festivaln International Book Festival 2. The Great Midwest Book Festival

Andy published a sequel with Lily and her teacher colleagues: “A Lesson to Die For.”

Both books are available on Amazon or Andy’s author website.

Dr. Andy tours with an audience-targeted program: “Ignite Your Dreams!” 0 - BOOK LAUNCH - Group PIC copy He teaches how to conceive, plan, write, publish, and market a memoir or book. We all have memories, stories, experiences, wisdom, and guidance to share with our children and grandchildren!

Learn even more about Dr. Andy –  https://andyroseauthor.com   https://www.drandyrose.com



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